Raphael Uzan

Born in Tunis in 1923. In 1949  he immigrated to Israel and settled in the the ancient town of Zefat in the mountains of North Israel. . The atmosphere of safed, its beautiful landscape. Its old synagogues and Kabbalistic tradition made a deep impression on him as evidenced in his illustrations of the Bible in a decorative naive style.

Uzan is a modest Gardner and in his everyday work takes in the beautiful scenery around him. His passion for wildlife is expressed in his colorful and sensitive paintings. In our artificial modern life it is a real blessing to have artists of his kind which paint with their heart and soul.

Each of these Raphael Uzan lithographs were printed by the traditional lithographic method. On Gvarro paper, using a minimum of fifteen colors.

All lithographs are hand signed and numbered by the artist.