“A word that means the world”

A man, a woman, a child, a tree, a flute – LIFE. These posters express a dream of better world, and their beauty strikes the eye while their optimism warms the heart. Mystical Jewish symbols appear in them; an open hand against the evil eye, a fish for fertility and a dove for peace.

Irene and Azriel Awret are well known artists living in safed, Israel, whose works express a simple message: “We believe in Peace and Brotherhood.”

This is a remarkable declaration coming from two people who have lived through the terrors of a Nazi Concentration Camp and almost 30 years of war and terrorism in Israel.

Yet, they have repeatedly translated this conviction into many images, including the series of exquisite ceramic tiles you see pictured here.

The Awret’s works are being seen in museums, galleries and private collections, and their posters were given to the Egyptian delegation by the Israeli government on President sadat’s peace mission to Jerusalem. These peace posters appeared 3 times on television as part of the news; they made history besides being of artistic value and are now hanging in the White House


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